Finial Group


noun | fin-i-al 

Finial is an element employed in architecture and building to emphasize the apex of a dome, spire, or tower by residing atop of the structure.”

The Finial Group is a fully integrated real estate firm that was formed to provide value oriented, execution driven investment, development, management, leasing, and tenant representation services. Our organizational structure allows us to provide unmatched service to clients, investors and our partners. Our associates have experience and proven track records in every facet of commercial real estate. The core values that define our firm culture are:

  • INTEGRITY – We will be known by our investors, customers, and the entire market to consistently operate under and adhere to the highest ethical standards in the fulfillment of our commitments.
  • SERVICE – Providing an unparalleled level of service is the foundation of our business and we will work tirelessly to exceed expectations in every way possible.
  • INNOVATION – Our firm was founded based on discontent with the status quo. Creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit are keys to the energy that drives our firm.

These core values are the cornerstones upon which our firm has been built and we strive to exemplify them at the individual and organizational level every day. Experience has proven that with focus on these values, outstanding performance is inherent. Like the finial on a building, it’s our firm’s intention and expectation to sit at the top of our industry.