2022 Finial Internship Program

October 31, 2022

An Inside Look at Finial Group’s Summer Internship Program 2022

Each summer, Finial Group offers an internship program that provides the unique opportunity to gain real exposure to all aspects of commercial real estate through a fully integrated owner and operator platform. Unlike other internships, Finial Group has thoughtfully created a program that gives interns an inside look at investment strategies, development, asset management, leasing, and tenant representation.

Finial Group’s carefully selected summer 2022 interns include Tyler Holt and Max French. Tyler is currently a student at the University of Texas majoring in Communications. He also serves as a real estate agent for university students with Housing Scout. Max, a Houston native, is also a student at the University of Texas and is majoring in Economics.

Tyler chose to spend the summer with Finial Group after a series of great interviews. Tyler says, “I was very attracted to how Finial Group utilizes the brokerage and management team to fuel the growth of a specific fund. This internship provided a unique sneak peak into the life of a broker, which included skills like how to find and evaluate a property, how to properly present a property, and how to develop solid client relations.”

Max chose Finial Group for its area of expertise, business trajectory, and the people he met when discussing the program. Max holds high interest in the industrial sector of commercial real estate, therefor he found Finial Group to be the perfect choice. Additionally, Max was attracted to Finial Group for being a company that is expanding into other markets across the United States. Max notes that it sounded like an excellent environment to be in.

Tyler’s favorite part of the summer was the Dallas market blitz. A Finial Group market blitz consists of all the brokers coming together in one city to identify new properties. Tyler enjoyed this as it allowed him to work with the entire team for the day. Tyler says, “The blitz allowed me to see a new market and develop new understandings of how to pitch and speak at great length and in-depth with property owners.”

Max’s favorite part of the summer was getting an inside look at client relations by listening in on afternoon meetings. He says, “I was really able to understand the business full-circle through these discussions, and I wouldn’t have been able to find experience like this at most other places.”

When asked what was his biggest take-away from the program was, Tyler makes note of the immense sense of pride and ownership each team member takes for their job. He says, “Every team member loves what they do and are always seeking to grow their business.”

Like Tyler, Max’s biggest take-away from the program was Finial Group’s team membership. Max says, “I am thankful to have really connected with everyone. I was welcomed into a very close community at Finial Group, and I loved coming to the office and being a part of the team. Companies are only as great as the people within them, and Finial Group showed me how important a healthy, friendly, and high-performance workplace environment in.”

We are extremely pleased with our interns this summer. Their hard work, determination, and growth did not go unnoticed. We wish them much success as they return to school and have high expectations for all their other future endeavors!